I am a twenty-four year old digital animation student residing in Nova Scotia, Canada. I specialize in 3D animation and 3D modeling.

I became interested in fine arts and art history in 2014 when I began Cobequid Educational Centre's three-year art program. I learned a variety of mediums such as charcoal, acrylic paint, watercolor, and sculpting. 

From 2014-2018 I was the developer and co-creator of SeaWorld Minecraft, a Java Minecraft server that heavily relied on the use of custom 3D models and audios. I learned how to 3D model, mix audios, create and edit json and simple Java scripts, and lead a group of volunteers ages 13-20. 

In 2017 to present I began developing games on the Roblox platform. I created a gymnastics simulation game that allows anyone of any physical ability to compete in gymnastics meets. I created standardized judging rubrics based on real-life gymnastics skills and routines, and translated that into the game virtually. Myself along with 50+ volunteers help run monthly competitions, along with weekly fun community events. 

I am an animal-right enthusiast and have ran charity livestreams in support of the Nova Scotian SPCA in the past. I hope to continue to support animal welfare causes and charities.

Thank you!
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